You're being irrational.

What happened wasn't right.

All but Jim came.

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He gave up cigarettes.

I want to be here.

I lit the candles.

Why would Andrew want to do a stupid thing like that?

Brian does have a certain charm, doesn't he?


Say hi to your father for me.

He did what I wanted right away.

It won't change anything.

There are five tragedies in a man's life. Unfortunately, I don't know which ones they are.

The event starts at 7pm.


Why would anybody kidnap me?


In his heart, Bucky knew that he would never return.


Ginny is indecisive.

I think we ought to hire more people.

He deliberately broke the glass.

Life is indeed a good thing.

It's a boys' club.

What's changed since then?

Don't listen to this man.

The houses and cars looked tiny from the sky.

Don't forget to brush your teeth before going to bed.

He is thought to be guilty.

How one can let themselves go in such a way, is unfathomable.

I don't ever want to speak to Angela again.

I'm a very private person.

Johnathan says he has to talk to Christofer.

I told you to go.


This article is of no value.

Anything you can tell me might be helpful.

The time has come for us to stand up.

Hey, are you there? Can you hear me?

Our delicious coffee is made from freshly roasted coffee beans.

I'll give you another chance.

We'll be safe when we get into the hills.

Is Dick going, too?

The recession caused many businesses to close.


I do not like both of them.

That would be nice, don't you think?

I don't want to get up.


A Transitional Council official told the press that he expects oil production to reach 1.6 million barrels per day within a year.

Every family decorates a fir tree for the new year.

He had the kindness to help me with my work.

I couldn't help laughing out.

I've never been so happy in my entire life.

I thought that was the whole idea.

What is that stuff?


In this village, they lived a happy life.

We had no potable water.

Bobby weighs a lot more than Susumu does.

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Our dog will bite strangers.

The name sounds familiar.

All things considered, it's set up so it isn't possible to win.

Make yourselves at home.

Timo discussed his plans with Melinda.


I wish I were in Boston right now.

Is their relationship platonic?

According to legend, the French composer Alkan was killed by a collapsing bookcase when he tried to reach for the Talmud, a holy Jewish book, in the study in his house.

But how does this story end?

Ned put the rifle away.

I have an aunt who lives in Osaka.

I told her to be home by nine.

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How was your weekend?

I may not return until late.

Do you want me to hate you?

The sight of the money tempted him into stealing.

Yes, he is an inventor, if I understood correctly.

We are experienced.

I'm glad I invited you.


You're old enough to take care of yourself.

The girl came around when we threw water on her face.

I rarely get out on weekends.


The summit conference made a contribution to the peace of the world.

What color will you paint the kitchen?

Tobias's closest friend is Rupert.


Don't touch it for a minute!

Did you read the book I gave you?

Shaving off your beard took ten years off you.


Maria took the metro, since her car broke down.

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We're just waiting for something to happen.

We've been expecting rain for the past week.

That's very easy to do.

She had nice teeth. She liked to laugh to show them off.

I can't remember when was the last time I've seen Ricardo smile.

My lover works as an au pair in Italy.

That we are not able to do.

She tried again to fix the earring into her ear.

Call the doctor.

I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Elvis can sit in my chair.

She's looking but she doesn't see anything.

Aren't we missing something?

I don't want you to be nervous.

A change is as good as a holiday.


You need to know it.

I bought Rahul a remote controlled fire truck and he seems very happy with it.

They spent more time kissing than watching the movie.

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When are we going to play their team?

Marriage is a type of human rights violation.

The glacier moves but by inches.

Please tell me how to make my bed.

They stood talking for a long time.

She is going to take the bus.

The man stole my wallet.


Bad habits die hard.

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Frank ate vegan lasagna.

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That was a broad hint.

I finished one off.

She says she likes flowers.

Dan disconnected Linda from her respirator.

Edward is quite gullible, isn't he?

Can long distance relationships work?

Try to stay awake.


Nobody was good enough for Elvis.

Don't go looking for something you don't want to find.

Why is everything going wrong?


We've been living here since July.

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We could not resist the force of his logic.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Raanan offered me a very sweet deal.


The woman smells the coffee.

I still have a lot of things to buy.

How much did I lose?

Her bad face doesn't scare me even a bit.

We try to keep our promises.

My mother objected to my working part time.

This clock strikes the quarter hour.

He was doubtful at first but soon came to embrace my advice.

Noemi is interested in fossils.


I'm going to visit him.


I just want to hear you sing one more time.

The door was broken open.

Have you ever heard of something similar?

Tenderness is an important element in a person's character.

Know thyself.

Some thought him unkind.

She tends to forget her promises.

He built a large shopping center.

Rex was sitting on the bed.

I met the prince himself.

He knows a lot about wild animals.

Please keep me informed of what is happening there.

Do what your mother says.


He's always worrying about his daughter.

They were hostile to any attempt at reconciliation.

I bought bread, coffee, sugar and the like.


Since when did you become so high and mighty?

Orville didn't buy a new car yesterday, did he?

You knelt down, begging God for forgiveness.

It's been a long time since we've visited Sid.

I tried thinking about why it was that I didn't trust him.

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I'm not happy about your results. That's what I wanted to tell you.


Fritz insulted me severely, but I gave him tit for tat.

Jon ate sushi at an expensive restaurant just around the corner.

Stephanie muttered something under his breath.

I cannot feed John's dog. It's too vicious.

The zoo was closed on Christmas day.

You'll miss breakfast.

"Do you mind if I use your phone?" "No, please go ahead."


Have you lived here long?

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Did you bring the book?

Emily was listening to music.

You can't compete with her.